총장 인사말
KISHMUN 총장 인사말
  • Hello and welcome to 2023 Korean International School in Hanoi, Model United Nations. I am Byun Jusung, secretary general of 2023 KISHMUN. It is a great honor to introduce the third KISHMUN event personally.
  • MUN is an activity that analyzes, criticizes, and derives solutions to various international community problems. Each student aims to become a representative of a country, conduct discussions in English, and produce the best resolution. As a representative of each country, we must lead the debate in a way that is in the best interest of our country, oppose any disadvantages, and argue through numerous amendments and meetings until the final resolution. In this process, students develop insight, analysis, persuasion, and leadership. Also, since the meeting is held in English, English skills are also improving.
  • We all gathered together with a dream. The future world that each of us wants is different, but everyone has the same desire for a peaceful and beautiful world. I think MUN activities are the first step to make the world we draw in our minds a reality. So, we're all gathered at KISHMUN with the hope of creating a beautiful world that everyone wants.
  • KISHMUN, which is hosting its third conference this year, has been recognized by many people for its high level and large scale, and its reputation is truly great. However, the hard work and passion of many students are hidden behind it. Delegates, Leaders, and Secretariats have all created this competition with great effort. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the students who have overcome obstacles and worked hard until the end, despite many hardships during the preparation. Also, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the teachers for their generous support for the successful hosting of the competition.
  • I trust the students. I can be sure that everyone will do their best and lead a successful competition. I can also say with confidence that your efforts will never betray you and will soon enable you to achieve your goals.
  • Once again, we sincerely welcome you to 2023 KISHMUN and hope that it will be a meaningful and valuable experience. Thank you.
  • 2023 Korean International School in Hanoi Model United Nations Secretary General
Date Start Time End Time Session Details
17.11.2023 (FRI) 14:00 15:35 Opening Ceremony Concert Hall - PPT
15:35 16:00 Preparation Move
16:00 18:00 Session 1 Opening Speech, Moderated caucus, Unmoderated caucus
18.11.2023(SAT) 08:00 09:00 Preparation Attend
09:00 10:30 Session 2 Moderated caucus, Unmoderated caucus
10:30 10:40 Intermission Break
10:40 12:10 Session 3 Blocs, Resolution
12:10 13:00 Lunch
13:00 15:00 Session 4 Resolution, Amendment
15:00 15:10 Intermission Break
15:10 16:30 Session 5 Amendment, Adjourn
16:30 17:30 Intermission Break
17:30 18:30 Closing Ceremony Concert Hall - Award